Release Notes

October 16, 2015 Release Notes


  • We updated the End User License Agreement.

  • We improved the comment deletion process. It now requires a reason for deletion and the body of the deleted comment will no longer be visible from the timeline.

  • We changed the "Task" icon.

  • We changed the text of the User Engagement Summary Report.

  • We improved the appearance of the "People" drop-down list.

  • We changed the "Tasks" page's preset filters to "My Tasks" and "My Organization."

  • A user's status is now displayed on their profile and on the "People" page.



  • The "Nested Projects" and "Nested Improvements" tabs are no longer shown on Improvements.

  • A bug was fixed related to logging in to the system.

  • A bug was fixed relating to the creation of Titles, Positions, and Certifications.