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No Status and Non-Reportable Templates

All Items of a specific Template can be excluded from your organization's Reports by being made "non-reportable" or put into a "no status" state.

Trim Ofi REQUIRED: Reach out to your Customer Success Manager to configure one of your Templates as No Status or Non-Reportable.

KaiNexus allows any of your Templates to be excluded from your Reports. The Template can simply be made "non-reportable" or it can be put into a "no status" state.

No Status

"No Status" Templates are typically used to create a folder-like structure where you can house and organize Items under a specific type of Item that won't count towards your KaiNexus Reports.

This type of Template can also be used for Items in your system that don't go through a typical KaiNexus lifecycle, progressing through the different statuses. A "No Status" Item can not be transitioned between statuses and its status indicator will be replaced by one that says "No Status."

If, for example, you often create Items that are permanently in the New status and never need to be planned, assigned out, approved, or completed then using this “No Status” option may be more suitable.


"Non-Reportable" Templates are used to create Items that won't count towards your KaiNexus Reports but which still go through a typical KaiNexus lifecycle and progress through the different statuses.

Templates with this setting configured will not appear on any of the Reports within the Reports section or on any Report Cards that you have put on your Boards. 

This setting is often used when training new users in KaiNexus.