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No Status and Non-Reportable Templates

Choose specific Templates to be excluded from your Reports by enabling either a “Non-Reportable” function or a “No Status” state.

Trim Ofi NOTE: Reach out to your Customer Experience Lead to take advantage of this new feature.


KaiNexus now has a setting where we can enable your Templates to exhibit special behavior within the system. You can choose specific Templates to be excluded from your Reports by enabling either a “Non-Reportable” function or a “No Status” state for certain Template Types. This will, in turn, create more accurate reporting in your KaiNexus instance, due to excluding specific Items from counting towards your Reports. 

No Status

Use the “No Status” state to set up a Template as a folder type structure where you can house and organize Items under a specific Item of No Status that also wouldn’t hit your KaiNexus Reports. This can also be used for Templates in your system that do not go through a typical KaiNexus lifecycle, progressing through the different statuses. If you are creating Items that are always in the “New” status and never need to be planned, assigned out, approved, or completed then using this “No Status” option may be a more suitable setting.


The “Non-Reportable” option gives you the ability to create specific Items in your system without having to worry about them affecting your KaiNexus Reports. Templates with this setting configured will not appear on any of the Reports within the Reports section or on any Report Cards that you have put on your Boards. There may be Items in your system that still require going through the different KaiNexus statuses but do not need to count towards KaiNexus Reports within your system. Use this feature to train your new users on using KaiNexus or for testing new workflows without having the work included within your Reports.

How to Filter by Items in “No Status”



By default, Templates configured with these settings will not appear in your Lists, similar to Archived Items. However, in order to view a list of all of your Items that are in the “No Status” state, you will need to include the following rule in your Filter. Essentially, filtering for Items that are none of any of the other statuses will give you “No Status” Items.