Release Notes

March 9, 2018 Release Notes

New Features

  • We’re excited to announce 2 new kinds of Attributes - Person and Location. That means that you can add users or Locations to an item without making them the official Locations or members of the team.

    Reach out to your Customer Experience Lead to add these Attributes to any of your organization’s templates.

  • We redesigned the color picker seen on Charts and Cards from the ground up! We created a much nicer default color list which can always be seen when picking a color, gave your Admins the option of picking your organization’s own default colors instead, and let them decide if the hex code color picker should be displayed as well.

  • We just made it a whole lot easier to import data into your KaiNexus charts. Build out your Chart’s series and any options, then upload an excel file and populate your charts with the click of a button.

  • We’ve added two new Role permissions that determine who can edit and delete comments or timeline entries. NOTE: A person who can edit the item can always edit or delete their own comments on that item, regardless of other permissions.

  • You can now set notification preferences surrounding specific templates, rather than just entire workflows.


Complete Release Notes


  • Global Board Administrators will now retain view permission for all public Boards, but those Boards which are restricted to Locations in which the Admin is not located will not be listed on their board picker.

    Global Board Administrators may still access any public Board restricted to a different Location via the direct link to that Board.

  • If a Nested Item section is in the List View when its parent is exported as a PDF, that section will be portrayed on the PDF in List View as well.

  • Hover over the title of a Card to see a list of all its filters.

  • The “Expired token” error message seen when attempting to reset your password after the link has expired has been corrected to say that the link is good for seven days.

  • The icon used to represent Lists has been unified across the app.


  • Global Board Administrators can now restrict viewing to Locations in which they are not located.

  • A bug was fixed which caused inconsistencies in markdown formatting during PDF exports.

  • A bug was fixed which created a potential for the Cycle Time Reports to not update each night.

  • Manually entering a new height on a Card will no longer cause the height value to become “50” immediately after entering the first digit.

  • A bug was fixed which prevented a Project’s Participants from nesting a new Project under it directly from the “Create” screen.

  • Updating a chart’s data will no longer add a timeline entry referencing the Chart’s thumbnail image that was replaced behind the scenes.

  • Kanban Cards will now accurately reflect the Board’s Location filters.

  • A bug was fixed which excluded Frontline users from the Location User Count Report’s export.

  • Chart thumbnails will now reappear on Item List Cards in the Detail View.

  • A People List Card on a Board filtered by Location will no longer drop its “Offline” status filter.

  • A bug was fixed which occasionally caused Charts’ “Last Updated” date to not update.

  • “Liked” and acknowledged comments can now be deleted by anyone with permission to delete that comment.

  • The tooltip seen when hovering over an item’s status bar in the Gantt View has been repaired.

  • If you have a column on a list that is being totaled or averaged, changing the list’s filters will now update that count without a manual refresh.