Release Notes

March 19, 2017 Release Notes

New Features


Complete Release Notes


  • With the Incident Add-On, you can now add an Incident List Card to your Boards.

  • Pictures displayed in the “Images” section will no longer surpass a set maximum height.

  • The “Resolution” section will now be displayed on the “All” tab if any of its fields are filled in.

  • Improvement and Project List Cards can now be displayed in the Kanban View.

  • You can now have multiple small fields placed on the same line of an Improvement or Project template. Reach out to your Customer Experience lead to take advantage of this improvement.

  • The Board Administrator permission has been broken down into two levels. Restricted Board Administrators can edit and make Boards for which they’re an Owner public. Global Board Administrators can create and edit any public Boards.

  • Board Editors are now called Board Owners.

  • Aggregate impact calculations are now included on Excel exports.

  • The financial and qualitative impact of Projects and Improvements has been added to the Project Tree View and to the Project/Improvement List Views.

  • The Boards section now loads more quickly.


  • A bug was fixed which caused certain Attribute Types to be removed from a grouping of filters.

  • Emails are now sent out while the digest processing is running.

  • A bug was fixed which sometimes caused an error when removing a Badge from a user’s profile.

  • All windows in KaiNexus now open to the max height.

  • A bug was fixed which caused extra columns to be displayed when switching between the List and Detail Views.

  • A bug was fixed which prevented people from accessing a list of certain users’ Improvements from the User Activity Board when the Location filter was in use.

  • Very long Attributes will no longer be cut off when adding the Attribute to a Project or Improvement.

  • Default Attribute Types will no longer appear on the Detail View of an Improvement Type from which they have been removed.

  • A bug was fixed which occasionally caused Attributes to be displayed in the wrong order.

  • If you fail to save a Card’s filter - such as if you don’t fill in a required field - you’ll now see a red outline around that required field.

  • A bug was fixed which occasionally caused dates on the x- and y-axis to not be displayed on certain Reports.