Release Notes

March 14, 2016 Release Notes

Complete Release Notes


  • You can now drag and drop Cards to rearrange them on your Boards.

  • You can now view a list of overdue Projects or Improvements using the quick filters.

  • You can now click on any number on the Location Impact Board to open a list of relevant Improvements.

  • You can now filter a list of Tasks by the authored, start, due, completed, and last updated dates.

  • When filtering a list of Improvements by location, you can now specify whether you want that location to be the originating or responsible location.

  • The people affiliated with an Improvement, Project, or Task are now called referred to as the Team.

  • Authors’ names are now bold on the Assign dropdown list so that you can easily identify them.



  • A bug was fixed which caused Time Savings outcomes to not be saved when resolving an Improvement.

  • A bug was fixed in which a long legal notice caused the Create and Complete Task windows to be too small.