3.x Release Notes

KaiNexus 3.0.10 Release Notes

February 17th, 2023

We are showing our passion for continuous improvement this Valentine’s Day with a new release sweet enough to make your heart flutter. Great change begins with small improvements, and we are laying the groundwork for exciting developments on the horizon. We adore this release and think you will too.

Release Highlights

  • It is now easier than ever to add Item links on Cards. We added options on the edit menu of Freestyle Cards to insert links to Items and Item Lists. Use the dropdown menu to search for the Items you’d like to link and see them appear on the Card in an eye-catching list with their corresponding icon included. 
  • When adding a link to a Board in a Freestyle Card, you can now make the Board open in the existing tab. Take advantage of this feature when using Cards as navigation tools to different areas of the app.
  • We added quality-of-life changes to commenting on Items, including the ability to choose whether you’d like to be added as a Follower after commenting on an Item. You will also find that the Email Now function automatically adds the person you are replying to and any mentioned users in your message to the email recipient box. 



  • There are three ways Attributes can be utilized in KaiNexus; they can be directly on the Item, associated with an Item’s Impact, or located within an Adhoc Field. Previously our filters were unable to differentiate between these use cases, but in this release, we added the ability to choose which type of Attribute you want to filter by in the Item Filter. 


  • We upgraded the logic applied to notifications when a Parent Item has notifications snoozed on Nested Items. If you select the option to snooze notifications on Nested Items, then you will only receive notifications when there is a threshold violation on a Chart or there is an escalation or de-escalation. 


  • Are you looking to cut down on your notifications? When posting a Comment, Update, or Note on an Item, you will now see a checkbox that allows you to choose whether or not you want to be added as a Follower on the Item. If you want to leave a comment on an Item, but don’t want to be notified about any future activity, then this is a great feature for you. 
  • We made emailing comments quicker and easier. When you leave a Comment, Update, or Note on an Item and select the Email Now checkbox, the person you are replying to and anyone else mentioned in the message will automatically be added to the list of email recipients. These selections are editable and will save you extra clicks when you’re in a rush.  
  • Users with the Comment Administrator Permission can now delete Comments on Comment Cards where they are a Board editor. 


  • Organizations with the Milestone Module now have another way to configure Optional Milestones. We added “and” logic for the activation of Optional Milestones, meaning you can now require two activation actions to be completed before an Optional Milestone appears on an Item. 


  • Meet our new Report: Impact by Impact Value. This Report itemizes Impact by the values within an Impact Type, allowing you to analyze data at a more granular level. 
  • The Bowling view of all Impact Reports now includes a column that shows Total Impact across a row’s visualized time intervals. 


  • When adding a Board link on a Freestyle Card, you can now opt for the link to open in the existing tab. This is a great option for Cards that act as a navigation tool directing users to other areas of KaiNexus.
  • It is now easier to link Items on Freestyle Cards. We added options to insert an Item or Item List, allowing you to quickly search for the Items or Item Lists you’d like to add to the Card. Select as many Items as you want, and they will appear in a neat list with the corresponding icon beside the Item name. 


  • Activating Standard Work Items through the activation of the Parent Item on the Create screen now works as intended. 
  • We eliminated an error that appeared when administrators edited a Location that inherited a Group from its parent Location.
  • The Resolution of Items with a single Impact was not functioning correctly, so we patched the issue. 
  • Opening User Profiles no longer double-queries the server. 
  • We adjusted one of the headers on the Create Screen so that the header always matches what selections are included below it. 
  • We fixed a bug that prevented certain Fields from automatically appearing in the details section of an Item’s Resolution. 
  • The issue where some Templates were not showing the Responsible Location in the Locations Panel under specific circumstances has been resolved. 
  • There was an instance where the location filter in the Admin section’s Attribute list was not working correctly, so we fixed the issue.
  • We squashed a bug that was causing Locations added to a Report Card filter to not stick for future use. 
  • The bug that was making it difficult to add a Location to an Item on the Create screen while the internet connection is slow has been fixed.
  • We fixed a bug that was causing the Location of an Item’s author to carry over to the Responsible Location when it was not desired. 
  • Defaulting the Originating Location of Nested Items to the Location of the Parent Item now works properly.
  • Notes attached to Attributes are no longer deleted or replaced when multiple Attributes are updated.