Release Notes

July 10, 2016 Release Notes

New Features

  • Customize the questions asked for each Impact Type during the Resolution of an Improvement.

  • “Like” an Improvement or Project.

  • “Thumb-up” a comment to acknowledge it and let everyone know you’ve seen it.

  • Advanced filters have been added to many Reports.

  • Make a copy of any Board.

  • Download a PDF of charts and their data.

  • When submitting an Improvement via email, anyone you CC will be added as a Follower.

  • Several new features were added to Milestones.

Complete Release Notes


  • Followers of a new Improvement can now see it, even if they don’t have the “See New” permission.

  • Add employee ID numbers to your users.

  • The Submission vs. Completion report now displays how many Improvements were created through each submission method - the browser app, the mobile app, and email - on the bottom right.

  • The description of an image shown in the Image section is now displayed in place of its file name.

  • When creating a PDF of Projects or Improvements, you can limit the comments included to those in a certain date range.

  • A status bar was added to the Project Impact Summary.

  • A status bar for Projects was added to the Snapshot section of the Reports page.

  • The permissions of a Project’s Leaders and Sponsors have been updated - they can now only manage files and links, edit the Team, edit the Project’s details, add and remove Improvements and nested Projects, manage Tasks, and manage charts.

  • Project Administrators can now edit completed Projects.

  • Locations with only inactive users can now be deleted.

  • An optional “Reason” field will now be displayed when changing the due date.

  • If there are Improvements that you don’t have permission to see nested under a Project, you will see a message to that effect under the nested Improvements status bar.

  • A “Parent Project” field has been added to the List and Tree Views.

  • When you change the size of your browser window, any windows open in KaiNexus will be recentered.

  • A small text change was made to the email received when the email submission of an Improvement fails.

  • The length of an Improvement, Project, or Task’s title has been limited to 150 characters.

  • A Task’s start date will now be pre-populated with the day of its creation.

  • Changes to an Improvement or Project’s locations are now noted in the Timeline.

  • A small text change was made to the “View New” tooltip on the create/edit a Role window.

  • Milestones with the “Block Complete” attribute now only block that status when the Improvement was reported to have had a “change” outcome.



  • Scrollbars are now displayed on the Network chart in the Reports section when necessary.

  • Clicking “Edit” on a chart now opens the “edit” window, rather than the “view” window.

  • A bug was fixed which caused a blank screen to appear when transitioning from viewing the Image area to looking at an Improvement without and Image area.

  • A bug was fixed which made it impossible to change a dismissable notification to be non-dismissable.

  • A bug was fixed which prevented you from adjusting the filters on a user’s metrics page if the default filters returned no results.

  • Clicking “Complete” and then canceling the Resolution on the Notifications window now saves the changes you made as a draft.

  • A bug was fixed which caused an error when resolving an Improvement with no “No Change” reasons.

  • A bug was fixed which caused the “Nested Boards” Card to disappear.