Release Notes

January 25, 2016 Release Notes

New Features


Complete Release Notes


  • A user without assign permissions will no longer receive an error when deferring or planning a Project or Improvement

  • Long legal notices will no longer result in the Advanced area of the Create screen getting cut off.

  • Resolving an Improvement without a review date will no longer create an extra timeline entry.

  • Text-based searches now search in outcomes as well.

  • The default sort order of columns in the Reports section has been changed from ascending to descending.

  • The default list of Users in the Admin section no longer includes the Inactive status.

  • The Level Type icon is now shown next to the Level’s name in any drop-down menus in the Admin section.

  • Number-based searches are not treated differently than text-based searches - all fields are searched.



  • A bug was fixed which caused the review date of deferred Improvements to not be migrated correctly.

  • A bug was fixed which caused the search function to not return all appropriate items.

  • Error messages will no longer be displayed when a user removes themself as an Author.

  • A bug was fixed in which numbers overlapped on the User Engagement by Role charts.