Advanced ROI Module

Impact Type Category - Cost Avoidance

Reach out to your Customer Experience Lead to take advantage of this new feature.

With the latest update to KaiNexus, a brand new category of Impact Types can now be used to track a financial impact called “Cost Avoidance.” This category differs from Cost Savings in that it refers to slowing the rate of cost increases or obtaining “value-added” services and is seen more like “soft savings.”

Just like any other Impact Type, this can be configured and added to any of your workflow templates that are measuring impact during the Resolution. This also means you can record both Forecast and Target Cost Avoidances prior to an item’s completion. NOTE: The Advanced ROI Module must be enabled for your organization in order to set Forecast and Target Resolutions.

Anywhere in KaiNexus where you can filter a list of items, you can filter that list by this new Cost Avoidance Impact Type.

Since this Impact Type works differently from the rest, you can also view the total savings resulting from both One-Time and Recurring Cost Avoidances in its own column near the top of the Impact Summary Report called “Avoidance.”