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How to view KaiNexus Support in alternative fonts

Utilize browser extensions to view KaiNexus Support in alternative fonts, such as Open Dyslexic

KaiNexus Support pages utilize Raleway and Source Sans Pro fonts to display written content, but we recognize these fonts might not be the preferred choice for everyone. We don't have a native method for switching between fonts, but you can easily do it yourself using a browser extension. 

For example, people with Dyslexia might find certain fonts easier to read. This article contains instructions for how to download a browser extension that converts text on all webpages, including KaiNexus Support and the KaiNexus application, to OpenDyslexic font. 

Although this support page focuses on how to convert text to OpenDyslexic using a Google Chrome browser extension, you can search your internet browser's library of extensions to find one that translates websites into your preferred font choice. 

How to view KaiNexus Support in OpenDyslexic font

Here are instructions for viewing this website in OpenDyslexic font. Note that this assumes you are using Google Chrome as your web browser. 

  1. Navigate to the Chrome Web Store and search for "OpenDyslexic Font for Chrome." Or, you can follow this link
  2. Select Add to Chrome
  3. In the resulting window, select Add Extension
  4. Open your Extensions at the top right of your Google Chrome web browser. 
  5. Select OpenDyslexic Font for Chrome
  6. In the resulting window, use the toggle to turn on OpenDyslexic font. 
  7. After you refresh your browser, web pages will be displayed in OpenDyslexic font. You can turn off OpenDyslexic font anytime using the same method.