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How to set a personal Reminder on an Item

Ever come across an Item in KaiNexus that may require your attention, but just not at the current moment? You can now set a personal reminder on any Item at any point during an Item’s life cycle within KaiNexus. Using this you can generate in-app notifications that will notify you of an Item that requires your attention. This is similar to setting a Review Date for an Item , but this will only notify you rather than the entire team on the Item.


How to set a Reminder on an Item

To set a Reminder, open up the Item you wish to set a Reminder for, then:


  • Click the in the top right corner of the Item.

  • In the resulting drop-down menu, click .



  • Click the in the top left corner to the right of the status picker.


  • In the resulting window:
    • Select the date and time that you wish to be reminded about this Item.

  • When you’re done, click .

NOTE: You can view what date you will be reminded about the Item in the flag added to the top of the Item. This will only be visible for you since it is a User preference.


When the Item’s Remind date approaches, you will receive a notification saying that you asked to be reminded about this.

After you have addressed the Item, you can then:

  • Either click the in the top left corner to the right of the status picker or click the within the Remind panel to update and set a new date for a future reminder.

  • Click the within the Remind panel to clear out the reminder from the Item.


Filter for Items that are “Scheduled for Reminder”

You have the ability to filter by a “Scheduled for Reminder” rule when adding criteria to your Lists. Here you can pull up a list to find which Items in your system you have scheduled to be reminded on.

PRO-TIP: You can also add a “Remind Date” column to any of your lists.

PRO-TIP: Setting reminders on Items will add a “Reminders” tab within your View Activity window from the User Profile.