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How to resize images or Chart thumbnails within Text Fields

When adding images and/or Chart thumbnails to Text Fields , you now have the ability to specify the dimensions of images or thumbnails within the Text Fields. This can help you make the most of your template’s layout and make sure to not distort your attached images when displaying them on the detail view of your templates. 


To resize your images/chart thumbnails:

  • Open the Item you’re working with.

  • Click the to edit the panel in which the field resides in.
  • Depending on what you are trying to attach:

    • Drag and drop an image from your computer into the designated Text Field.

    • Click the next to the Text Field and in the resulting drop-down click .

    • In the resulting window, select from the drop-down the chart in KaiNexus you wish to display within the Text Field.

  • The image will be displayed in the markdown format. It will look something like this: ^^Example_image.png^^
  • Format options for images include:

    • Pixels
      • ^^image.ext | 300^^
        • This will be interpreted as width=300, height=300
      • ^^image.ext | 300x200^^
        • This will be interpreted as width=300, height=200

    • Percentage
      • ^^image.ext | 50%^^
        • This will be interpreted as width=50%, height=50%

      • ^^image.ext | 45%x55%^^
        • This will be interpreted as width=45%, height=55%
  • When you’re done click .