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Hide an Attribute Value's text label

Configure an Attribute so that its Values are displayed as only an icon, rather than as a text label.

Two Line OfieNOTE: Reach out to your Customer Success Manager to take advantage of this feature.

When working with Attributes, you may find it more valuable to associate your Values as only an icon rather than as text or as both text and an icon. KaiNexus offers the option to hide the Attribute Value’s text label when viewing the Attributes within an Item's work panel or on an Item List. This is a great way to enhance stoplight reporting and provide visual cues to your users.

How does this feature work?

This option is only available Value Attribute Types and must be enabled by your KaiNexus Customer Success Manager.

This option takes effect at the Attribute Type level. That is to say, when enabled it affects every Attribute Value included in the Attribute Type, and takes effect on every Template on which the specific Attribute is listed.