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How to Submit an Item through the KaiNexus Mobile App

NOTE: You will first need to make sure you have downloaded the KaiNexus Mobile App onto your mobile device. Visit this support page to learn how to access the Mobile App.


Once you have successfully signed into the Mobile App, you will be taken to a list of the available Template options you have the ability to create - these options will vary depending on your organization’s settings.


To submit a new Item:


  • Tap the Template Type of the Item you wish to create.

  • Enter the requested information in the appropriate fields.

  • (**Optional**) Tap Mobile-Attach_File.jpg to add an attachment from your mobile device.

  • Tap Mobile-Cancel.jpg to cancel your current submission and return to the previous list of available Templates.

  • Tap Mobile-Create.jpg when you’re ready to submit your new Item.


You will receive a success message that includes the Item’s ID number. Tap Mobile-Done.jpg to return to the list of available Templates.


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