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Quick Filters in the People Section

We’ve added quick and easy access drop-down filters to the People section. With this, you can quickly and more efficiently filter a People list to pull up specific Users you want to see. This is great for viewing all Users in your system of a specific Role or Status type for example, in a timely manner. 


We’ve added a couple of the most commonly used filters to quickly apply to your People list. These are:

  • Role(s)

  • User Type(s)

  • Persona(s)

Along with these drop-down filters, by checking the box next to “Show Inactive” you can easily include all Users in your system that have been inactivated (Inactive User Type). 


How do I use these Quick Filters?

To use the quick filters:

  • Go to the People section  People_section.png.

  • Click on the desired drop-down you want to apply a filter to and select the corresponding criteria.

  • The people list will automatically apply those rules to your People list.

  • Click the Quick_Filters_Collapse_icon.pngor Quick_Filters_Expand_icon.pngin the top right corner to collapse or expand the quick filters on your People list, respectively.

NOTE: The filter criteria applied in these filters will work in conjunction with the filters you apply in the FiltersonListButton.png.


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