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How to View Archived Items


Items that have been Archived are excluded from Item lists by default and cannot be searched for using the search bar. However, these Items are still stored and accessible within the system. 


To view your Archived Items:

  • Go to the List section Lists_section.png.


  • Click the Ellipses.png in the top right corner.

  • In the resulting drop-down menu, click FiltersonListButton.png.

  • In the resulting window:


      • Click to open the “View Options” tab underneath the filter rules area.

      • Next to “Show Archived:” select between:

        • “Exclude Archived”
          This is the default option and will not include Archived Items.

        • “Only Archived”
          This option will only include Archived Items.

        • “Both” 
          This option will include both Archived Items as well as other Items.

  • Click Save.png.

NOTE: This view option works in conjunction with your filter criteria. So you will need to still filter correctly to pull up the Items you are looking for.

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