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How to Manage Boards


You can now manage all of your Boards within KaiNexus. This allows you to view all of your public and private Boards at a high level and easily visualize how all of your Boards are nested in a Tree View-like structure. 

Accessing the Manage Boards window

To Manage Boards:

  • Make sure you are in the Boards section Boards_section.png.

  • Click the blue picker in the top left corner where it displays the name of the current Board you are on to open up the Board drop-down menu.

  • At the bottom of the Board drop-down menu, click Manage_Boards.png.


  • In the resulting window:

    • In the top left, you can toggle between viewing your Public and Private Boards by clicking on the Public_toggle.png or Private_toggle.png , respectively.

    • You can search for a Board by typing in the Search bar at the top.

    • Clicking the Collapse_Manage_Board.png or Expand_Manage_Board.png will collapse or expand all of the Boards nested underneath the top level Boards.

    • In the top right corner, clicking the Ellipses.pngwill give you a drop-down of additional options.

      • Clicking Bulkchange.png will allow you to make bulk changes to your Boards.

      • Clicking Refresh.pngwill refresh the Board list to reflect any new changes or updates that were made. 

    • You can view all the different types of Boards in your system. Each Board is associated with a specific icon.

      • Public_Board_icon.png: Public Boards that are visible by every User in the system.

      • Public_restricted_viewing_board_icon.png: Public Boards that are visibly restricted to a certain User(s), Role(s), and/or Network Location(s) in the system.

      • Private_Board_icon.png: Private Boards that are only visible to you in the system.

      • Hide_icon.png: Boards that are hidden from visibility in the drop-down menu in the system.

    • Clicking on the name of the Board will take you to that Board.

    • Clicking the Down_arrow_icon.pngor Right_arrow_icon.pngthe will collapse or expand the Board(s) nested beneath that Board, respectively.

    • Hovering over each of the Boards will give you additional options that you can do to the Board.

    • Clicking on the Ellipses.png on the right will give you a drop-down menu where you can then:

      NOTE: You only have all of these options on Boards that you have permission to edit.

  • To exit the window, click X-Delete.png in the top right corner. 

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