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Conditional Fields

Reach out to your Customer Experience Lead to take advantage of this feature.

We have found that there are instances where not every Field or Attribute is necessarily required to appear within a Template at all times. In some cases, a single Template can be used for several different purposes and thus contains Fields that are not always necessary for the Item’s completion. Conditional Fields ensure that when working with your Items, you are only seeing the necessary information for that specific workflow. 

You now have the ability to configure Fields and Attributes to be hidden from a Template unless a specific “condition” or, in this case, an Attribute value is selected. Using Conditional Fields, you can tie the visibility of additional Fields and/or Attributes on your Templates to the selection of a specific Attribute value. 

In this example, the Strategic Initiative Attribute is our Conditional Field. By selecting the Safety value, it will meet the “condition” for an additional field. 



Once Safety has been selected, a new Safety KPI Type Attribute will be added to the Template. 



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