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Add an Icon to Attribute Values, Level Types, and more

When adding or editing an Attribute value, Level Type, Title, Position, Employee Type or Certification, you have the option to include an icon to appear in the system alongside it.  You may select one of the default icons available or you can copy and paste the code of a specific icon from the Font Awesome library.


NOTE: KaiNexus offers Font Awesome 5 which will support all icons on the site including those marked with PRO.

How to add an icon code from Font Awesome



  • Search the site for an icon and click into the one you would like to add.


  • Copy the part of the icon code that is within the “quotation marks” near the top left of the page.


NOTE: Font Awesome 5 requires you specify the icon style within the code as well.


The icon styles are as follows:


  • Solid (fas): Icons are filled in.


  • Regular (far): Icons have bold outlines and are not filled in.


  • Light (fal): Icons have thin outlines and are not filled in.


  • Brands (fab): Icons for specific brand names.


NOTE: If the icon code is not entered in correctly, you will receive an error message upon saving which reads: IconTooltip.png.

  • Paste this code into the “Icon Code” field back in KaiNexus.


  • Select your desired color for the icon from the dropdown.


  • Click Save.png.


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