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What are Impact Types?

Reach out to your Customer Experience lead to take advantage of this feature.

When resolving an item that resulted in a change, you can choose between the various Impact Types created by your organization. Impact can be measured through Resolution across all workflow types, so this feature can be enabled for any of your own improvement templates that result in change.

These Impact Types can be configured to give the person resolving an item more control in measuring both qualitative and quantitative impact of that item.

These Impact Types can be assigned a certain category upon creation. These categories include:

Qualitative Impact Types:

  • Quality

  • Safety

  • Satisfaction

  • Environment

  • Health

Quantitative Impact Types:


When measuring an impact, the standard KaiNexus software allows users to choose between a One-Time, Recurring, or an Unknown value. The Advanced ROI module provides two additional options for Range and Custom.

You can filter a list of items by certain Impact Types to find what items resulted in a specific impact.

Check out the Impact Summary Report to visualize the total financial savings across all Network Locations. This Report will also show how many items result with each impact type.

NOTE: If an Impact Type has not been part of an item’s Resolution, it will not appear on this Report.

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