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Save and submit an item as a draft

Previously, only Improvements or Incidents - if the Incident Module is enabled for your organization - could be saved as a draft within KaiNexus. With the latest update, however, we’ve made it possible to also save all other workflows - Projects, Tasks, and Charts - as drafts!

How do I save an item as a draft?

Click Green_Create.png at the top of the screen.

All of your organization’s templates will be listed in the resulting drop-down menu, with the workflow denoted by the icon alongside its name:

  • Improvement.png - An Improvement template or a grouping of Improvement templates.

  • Incident.png - An Incident template or a grouping of Incident templates.

  • Project.png - A Project template or a grouping of Project templates.

  • Task.png - A Task template or a grouping of Task templates.

  • Chart.png - A Chart template or a grouping of Chart templates.

Click the name of the template you want to use to create your new item.

In the resulting window:

  • Depending on the type of workflow, different information will be required; there may be optional fields and Attributes as well. You will be required to enter a short summary of the item - this field is often called the “Title,” “Summary,” or “Theme.”

  • Once you’ve entered in the Title, be sure to populate any additional required fields or Attributes in order to successfully proceed.

  • Click Save_as_Draft.png.

NOTE: Only you and users you assign to the team can view an item you have saved as a draft.

How do I submit an item in Draft status?

Open the item you want to submit, then:

  • Click the status indicator.

  • Click Submit__Status_Picker_.png in the resulting drop-down menu.


In the resulting window:

  • Review all of the item’s information and make any necessary changes.

  • If necessary, configure the status and team as you would while creating a new item.

  • Click Save.png.

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