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Edit a Weighted Score

The Admin area is only accessible by administrators; only Quality Admins can complete the actions detailed in this section.

Each Weighted Score is comprised of one or more Weighted Attribute Type.

Reach out to your Customer Experience Lead to create a new Weighted Attribute Type.
Once the Weighted Attribute Type has been created, your organization’s Quality Administrators can manage its Attributes as they could those of any other Attribute Type.


How do I edit an existing Weighted Score?

Navigate to the Weighted Scores admin page, hover over the Score you want to edit so that it’s highlighted in blue, then click 2018-10-04_1321.png to its right.



In the resulting window:



  • Edit the name of the Weighted Score in the “Name” field.

  • (**Optional**) Edit the description to the “Description” field. People will see this description when hovering over the Weighted Score’s name.

  • Add or remove any template to which this Weighted Score should be available to the “Templates - Available” field. Users will be able to add this Score to these templates when appropriate.

  • Add or remove any template for which this Weighted Score should be required to the “Templates - Required” field. With this option, the Weighted Attribute Types in this Weighted Score will be automatically added with a value of 0 to all new items of these template types.

  • Update the list of Weighted Attribute Types included in this Weighted Score.

    • To add a new Attribute Type, click 2018-10-09_1553.png in the top right corner of the “Weighted Attribute Types” section. In the resulting window:


    • Select the Weighted Attribute Type you want to include in the “Attribute” field.
    • Enter the multiplier that should be assigned to this Attribute Type.

    • This value will be multiplied by the Value Attribute's set weight to calculate its contribution to the total Score.

    • Decide whether this Weighted Attribute Type should be single- or multi-select in the “Selection” field.

    • Click 2018-10-04_1240.png.

  • To edit an existing Attribute Type, hover over its name and click 2018-10-04_1321.png to the right. In the resulting window, update the Attribute Type’s information as described above.


    • To delete an existing Attribute Type, hover over its name and click 2018-10-04_1323.png to the right.


    • Move an Attribute Type into a new position on the list by clicking its name, dragging it to the desired position, and dropping it there.

  • Click 2018-10-04_1240.png to finalize the Weighted Score.


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