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Impact Credit Splitting & Allocation

STOP: Is the Advanced ROI Add-On enabled for your organization?


We’ve added a new feature to the Advanced ROI Add-On! Impact Credit Splitting & Allocation makes it easier to recognize the impact of individual users on improvement work and track whether people are meeting their individual contribution impact targets by assigning quantitative impact with more granularity.

Credit Splitting can be turned on - as either an optional or required element - for any template that has a Resolution enabled.

Reach out to your Customer Experience Lead to take advantage of this feature.


When you resolve an item that has Credit Splitting enabled, you’ll be able to split the credit for the recorded impact between various users.

So if one person should get 75% of the credit and someone else deserves 25% of the credit, that breakdown can be permanently stored in KaiNexus and taken into account on key Reports.


How do I split impact credit when resolving an item?

When resolving an item, fill out any fields and Attributes and detail the impact of your improvement efforts as usual.

Once you’ve marked that the item resulted in a change, a new “Split impact credit” section will appear beneath the list of possible impact types.
NOTE: If this option does not appear, Impact Crediting Splitting is not enabled for this template.

  • If Credit Splitting is optional for this template, you will need to decide whether credit should be assigned.

    Select “No” next to “Split Impact Credit?” if you don’t want to assign credit for this item.

    Select “Yes” next to “Split Impact Credit” if you do want to assign credit. If you selected “Yes,” the default credit - divided equally between team members) - will appear along with a user search field.

  • If you choose “Yes” or Credit Splitting is required for this template:
    • Use the search field to search for and add any users to who should get credit for the item.

    • If you don’t want one of the displayed users to get credit for the item, hover over their name so that it highlighted blue and click 2018-10-04_1323.png to its right.

    • If you want to change the percentage of credit that a person is getting, click the percentage to the right of their name and enter the correct value.

      NOTE: The total of all assigned percentage must equal 100%.


  • When you’re finished filling out the Resolution, click 2018-10-04_1550.png.


Credit Splitting Impact and Reports

Credit Splitting comes into play in two reporting areas - a user’s Metrics (accessible from the user’s profile) and the User Impact Report.

By default, both these Reports show the total financial impact of all items with which a user was associated, regardless of credit splitting.

If you check the box next to “Show Credit,” however, the Reports will show only the financial impact with which the user was specifically credited. That means:

  • If a person worked on a financially impactful Improvement with split credit but was not assigned any credit, the impact of that Improvement will not appear on this version of the Report.

  • If a person worked on a financially impactful Improvement and credit was not split at all, the impact of that Improvement will not appear on this version of the Report.


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