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Update a Project's Resolution

If Resolution has been enabled on one of your Project Templates, once the Project’s Resolution has been finalized, you can still update it whenever necessary.

NOTE: If you want to update a Project’s Target or Forecast Resolution (if either is enabled for this Template) and are unable to, this may be because the Template is set to lock the Target and Forecast Resolution after a certain status in the Item’s lifecycle. 

Reach out to your Customer Experience Lead for additional assistance.

Who can update the Resolution?


How do I update the Resolution?

Open the Project with which you wish to work with, after clicking the “Resolution” tab near the top of the Project, click the Edit.pngnear the top right corner of the Resolution panel.


In the resulting window, you’ll be able to update every element of the Resolution. When you are satisfied with your changes:

  • Enter your updates without the approval of the Facilitator, by clicking 2018-08-03_1547.png.

  • Submit your updates to the Facilitator for their approval by clicking 2018-04-18_1627.png.


PRO-TIP: Using single field editing, you can click on any quantitative impact recorded to jump directly into the edit window for that specific impact. This will help you save a few clicks if you are needing to make an update to a specific impact recorded on this Project.



PRO-TIP: For Advanced ROI Users with a quantitative impact with a Custom schedule, you can easily make updates to the schedule by clicking directly on the blue “Schedule” button.



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