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Weighted Scores

We know that being able to rank Improvements and Projects using your own custom criteria is important, so we built a way to help! We’re excited to introduce Weighted Scores.

Now, leaders can create a weighted scoring system, allowing your organization to score complexity, risk, priority, etc based on predetermined criteria.

Reach out to your Customer Experience Lead to add the new “Scores” section to any of your templates.



  • Scores can be made available for a template - meaning that users will have the option of adding them to the template,

  • Or Scores can be made required for a template - meaning that they will be automatically added with a value of 0 to each new item of that type.

  • Each Weighted Attribute Type included in a Score can be assigned a multiplier that determines how much its Attributes count contribute to the Score.


Weighted Attribute Types

When your Customer Experience Lead builds a new Weighted Score, you choose which Attribute Types (termed “Weighted Attributes Types”) should be included in it.

Your organization’s Quality Administrators can configure each Type’s Attributes as they can any other Value Attribute.

You can 
create a new Weighted Attribute as you would any Value Attribute.

To create multiple new Weighted Attributes at once:

  • Navigate to the Attribute Type’s page in the Admin section.

  • Click 2018-08-03_1621.png in the top right corner of the page.



  • In the resulting window, enter the number of Weighted Attributes you want to create in the “Count” field. NOTE: The maximum value for this field is 10.

  • Click 2018-08-03_1543.png.


The new Attributes will be created. They will be named in numerical order and assigned a matching Weight.

If you need to update an existing Weighted Attribute, you can edit it as you would any Value Attribute.  

You can not filter a list of items by a Weighted Attribute type, nor can you filter the Attribute Reports by this type of Attribute.


Add a Weighted Score to an item

To add a Weighted Score to an item for which they are enabled, open the item, then:

  • Click 2018-08-03_1636.png in the top right corner of the page.

  • In the resulting drop-down menu, click 2018-08-03_1637.png.


  • All Weighted Scores available for this template will be listed in the resulting drop-down menu. Click the one with which you want to work.

  • In the resulting window, select the applicable Attributes, then click 2018-08-03_1543.png.


Edit or delete a Weighted Score

To edit or delete an item’s Weighted Score, open the item, then:

  • Click the Score’s name in the “Scores” section.

  • In the resulting window:

    • To edit the Score, update any applicable Attributes, then click 2018-08-03_1543.png.

    • To delete the Score, click 2018-08-03_1644.png.


Add Weighted Scores columns to a list of items

When working with an Item List Card or another list of items, you can add a column for any Weighted Score.


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