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Configure tooltips for Project, Improvement, Incident, Task, and Chart Team roles

NOTE: The Admin area is only accessible by Administrators; only System Administrators can perform the functions detailed on this support page.


You are able to create customized tooltips for the following team roles on each respective workflow:

  • Improvement Responsible Person

  • Improvement Assigner

  • Improvement Author

  • Improvement Collaborators

  • Improvement Followers

  • Incident Responsible Person

  • Incident Assigner

  • Incident Author

  • Incident Collaborators

  • Incident Followers

  • Task Responsible Person

  • Task Assigner

  • Task Author

  • Task Collaborators

  • Task Followers

  • Chart Author

  • Chart Followers

  • Project Sponsors

  • Project Facilitators

  • Project Leaders

  • Project Participants

  • Project Participating Locations

  • Project Followers

  • Originating Location(s)

  • Responsible Location(s)

  • Task Location(s)

  • Chart Location(s)

  • Project Location(s)


How do I customize these team role tooltips?

To customize these tooltips:

  • Navigate to the Admin section Admin_section.png

  • Click “Tooltip Customization”



  • Find the team role(s) you wish to customize the tooltips for.

  • Uncheck the box next to “Use Default”

  • Within the text area below that checkbox, add the text that you wish to display within the tooltip whenever you hover over that role on the Item’s team list.

  • Check the box next to “Use Default” if you wish to switch back to the default tooltip.

  • When you’re finished with your change(s), click 2018-05-11_1534.png in the bottom left corner of the page.

NOTE: Once you've saved your changes, you will need to log out and back in to see the changes take effect.



PRO-TIP: You can also customize the actual Team Role names for your Workflows. For example, you can choose to refer to a Project’s “Facilitators” as “Owners” instead. 

NOTE: This type of name change will affect all Templates of that Workflow type. 

Reach out to your Customer Experience Lead to take advantage of this feature.

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