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Add a Widget Card

Who can add a Card to a Board?

  • The Board's Owners

  • Anyone with the "Global Board Administrator" permission


How do I add a Widget Card to a Board?

Open the Board with which you want to work, then:

  • Click 2018-05-02_1314.png in the top right corner of the Board.

  • In the resulting drop-down menu, click 2018-05-02_1315.png.



In the resulting window:

  • Enter the Card’s title in the “Card Name” field.

  • Enter the number of rows and columns in the corresponding fields. NOTE: The maximum value of both those fields is “5.”

  • Click 2018-05-02_1321.png in the top right corner of the “Widgets” section.



  • In the resulting window:

    • Enter the widget’s name in the “Title” field. This is the name that will be displayed over the corresponding goal gauge.

    • Select “Chart Goal” from the “Type” drop-down menu.

    • Choose the Chart that's goal gauge you want to display in the “Chart” field.

    • Click 2018-04-30_1131.png.

  • Click 2018-04-30_1131.png and the Widget Card will be added to your Board.


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