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Filter Reports by Location

Every KaiNexus Report, including the Snapshot, includes a Location sidebar along the left side which displays the Network diagram. This allows you to filter your Reports by any Location(s). If you filter by Location using the main Snapshot Location sidebar, that filter will be reflected on any Reports you open.

NOTE: If you don’t select any Locations, data from the entire organization will be shown by default.

  • Use the search box to look for a specific Location, then click that Location's name in the Network diagram to filter Reports by it.

  • Click 2018-04-06_1446.png to expand the Level Type (e.g. departments, hospitals, factories, etc.) filter.

    • Once you've chosen at least one Level Type, a new icon - 2018-02-22_1246.png - will appear alongside that field. Click this icon to quickly select all Locations of that type.

  • Clicking 2018-04-06_1446.png also reveals the "Location & below" checkbox. Check this box if you want your Reports to include data from the Location(s) you select as well as any Locations nested under them.

  • Click 2018-04-25_1129.png next to the Location search bar to fully expand the Network diagram.

    If the diagram is already expanded and you want to collapse it, click 2018-04-25_1130.png next to the Location search bar.

  • Click 2018-04-25_1131.png at the bottom of the sidebar to hide it. Click 2018-04-25_1131_001.png to show it.


Pro Tip: To select multiple locations, hold down the ctrl key while clicking on each location. To select all locations in a range, hold down the shift key while clicking the first location in the range and then the last location in the range.


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