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The X-Matrix module

Many organizations that are doing a formal Hoshin Kanri or Strategy Deployment process utilize an X-Matrix to develop and implement tactical and strategic plans, coordinated across people throughout the organization. This type of approach promotes organizational learning, faster corrections, and breaks down silos. So why not put your X-Matrices in KaiNexus?

The X-Matrix Card lets you do just that, enabling you to add an X-Matrix to any Board you own so it is in line with all your other improvement work in KaiNexus. Having your X-Matrix in KaiNexus makes it interactive, as you can open any of the related work right from the X-Matrix itself.



Because not everyone uses X-Matrices and we don’t want to clutter up your system, the X-Matrix feature is disabled by default. Reach out to your Customer Experience Lead to turn on this feature.

If the X-Matrix module is already enabled for your organization, check out this support page for more information about adding X-Matrix Cards to your Boards.


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