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Configure the sort order when filtering lists by status

By default, Item List Cards and Lists display items in the following order when sorted by status: Draft, New, Planned, Overdue, Active, Resolution Submitted, Completed, and, lastly, Deferred items.
With the latest update, you can now configure this presentation, customizing the order in which items should be displayed when sorted by status. This customization will affect every list sorted by status in the organization.


How do I configure the status order for my organization?

NOTE: Only System Administrators can customize the organization’s status order.

To configure the order in which items should be presented in lists when sorting by status:

  • Navigate to the Admin page.

  • Click “General” under the “System” heading.

  • Near the bottom of the page is the “Status Order” section. Drag and drop each of the statuses listed there into the desired position to customize the order in which items should appear when sorting lists by status.

  • Click 2018-03-23_1622.png.

You will need to log out and back in to see your changes take effect.


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