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The General admin page

To get to thie page, navigate to the Admin page by clicking 2018-03-31_1707.png on the left sidebar menu, look under the System heading, and click "General." The admin page is only accessible by administrators; only System Administrators can perform the functions detailed on this support page.



Change the name of your organization that appears in the top left corner of KaiNexus by updating the text in the "Name" field.


Legal Notice

Change the legal notice that appears at the bottom of every item - Project, Improvement, Incident (if your organization has the Incident Module enabled) - by updating the text in the "Legal Notice" field.


Submit Screen Legal Notice

Change the legal notice that appears at the bottom of every item's submit screen - during both its original creation and any later editing - by updating the text in the "Submit Screen Legal Notice" field.



Change the logo that appears on the login screen:

  • Click 2018-03-31_1713.png.

  • Choose the correct image file from your computer and click "Open."



Customize your organization's colors rather than using our defaults:

  • If you've been using our default color until now, check the box next to "Configure Organization Colors." If you've already customized the colors before, this box will already be checked and you can proceed.


  • To add a new color:

    • Click in the “Add Colors” field.

    • A hex color picker will appear. 

      If you know the hex code for the color you want to add, enter it in the “HEX” field. Otherwise, use the sliders and other fields to find the right color.

    • Once you’ve got the right color, click 2018-03-09_1436.png. The hex picker will close and the new color will be shown in the “Add Colors” field.

    • Click 2018-03-09_1437.png to the right of the “Add Colors” field. The new color will be added to the “Organization” box. Repeat these steps until you’ve added all your colors.


  • To remove a color:

    • Click that color in the “Organization” box so that it is highlighted in blue.

    • Click the 2018-03-09_1440.png button that appears next to the top right corner of the “Organization” box.


  • You have one more customization option for the Chart series and Card color pickers: you can hide the hex color picker, making the organization’s colors the only option.

    NOTE: If you restrict colors to just org colors, existing chart/card colors will be left alone. But you won't be able to pick those colors again.

    To remove the hex picker, check the box labeled “Must Use Organization Colors.”


Status Order

By default, Item List Cards and Lists display items in the following order when sorted by status: Draft, New, Planned, Overdue, Active, Resolution Submitted, Completed, and, lastly, Deferred items.

Configure the status order by reordering the list of statuses under "Status Order." Drag and drop each of the statuses listed there into the desired position to customize the order in which items should appear when sorting lists by status.

NOTE: You will need to log out and back in to see your changes take effect.


When you're finished making changes, click 2018-03-23_1622.png.


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