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Chart Author

The Author is the person or people who originally came up with the Chart, created it in KaiNexus, and/or are responsible for keeping it up to date.


What can the Author(s) do?


Who can edit the list of Authors?

  • The current Author(s)

  • Anyone with the "Chart Administrator" permission


How do I edit the list of Authors?

Open the Chart with which you want to work, then click 2018-03-27_0432.png in the top right corner of the "Team" section.



In the resulting window, locate the "Author(s)" field. In that field, you can:

  • Open the drop-down menu to reveal a list of up to ten users including yourself and your most frequent selections.

  • Begin typing someone's name in that field to search for them among all users (not just those top choices).

    In the resulting drop-down menu, select the correct user.

  • Click 2018-03-09_1418.png.

This change will be noted in the activity log, and anyone whose relationship to the Chart was changed will be notified.


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