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Report - Attribute Summary

This Report can show you the number of items involving each Attribute value. By default, the Report will include the top 15 values based on the sorting option chosen. You can display up to 50 values by editing the number field.


If you only want to see the data for certain Attributes, add their names to the “Attribute” field near the top left corner of the Report.

You can also use the standard Location, date, and advanced filters.

You can decide how the Report should be presented by choosing either Horizontal Bar, Vertical Bar, Pie, or Pareto.

  • If you chose Horizontal Bar or Vertical Bar:

    • Choose between Total and Statuses. 

      If you pick Total, each Attribute value will be portrayed as a solid green bar and will just convey the total number of items with that Attribute. 

      If you pick Statuses, each value will be portrayed as a multicolor status bar, conveying how many total items involved that value as well as how many of items in each status did.

  • If you chose Horizontal Bar, Vertical Bar, or Pie:

    • By default, the chart will be arranged by “Total,” going from the most used value to the least. 

      You can sort it by Name (alphabetical order), Rank, and (Attribute) Type.

You can click any of the bars or any of the segments of the Pie chart to open a list of all relevant items.


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