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Add files to a Free Style Card

You can now attach files to your Free Style Cards on any of your Boards. This makes it way easier to add an image to your Card or to make documents easily accessible to everyone who needs them.


How do I add a file to a Free Style Card?

Edit the Card you want to work with or create a new Free Style Card, then either:

  • Click 2018-01-26_1632.png in the “Files” section near the bottom of the screen and select the file on your computer.


  • Drag and drop the file from your computer and onto the Edit/New Card window.


When you add a file, it will be added to the body of the Card.

  • If you added an image file, the image itself will be visible in the body of the Card.

  • If you added a non-image file, the name of the file will be added to the body in the form of a clickable link. Anyone who can access the Board this Card is on will be able to click that link and download the file.


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