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Filter Boards by Location

Before, if you wanted a Board to only show data for a particular Location, you would have to filter each Card individually by Location. But not anymore!

If you have permission to edit a Board, you can now filter that whole Board by Location.

Turning on this option will add a Network chart to the left side of the Board - this can be minimized just like the one in the Reports section - which lets you filter every Card on the Board by a Location.



How do I filter a Board by Location?

If you have permission to edit the Board, open the Board you want to edit, then:

  • Click 2018-01-26_1616.png in the top right corner of the Board.

  • Click 2018-01-26_1617.png in the resulting drop-down menu.

  • Check the box next to “Show Location Filter.”

    This will reveal additional options:

    • If you want the Board to be filtered by a specific Location (or Locations) by default, add the Location(s) to the “Default Location(s)” field.

    • If you only want data for the selected Location(s), uncheck the box next to “Location & Below.”

      If you want data for the selected Location(s) as well as any nested below those Locations, check the box next to “Location & Below.”

  • When you’re ready to go, click 2018-01-26_1624.png.


A Network chart will be added to the left side of your Board. Selecting any of the Locations on that chart will filter every Card on the Board by that Location.


What happens if a Card has its own Location filters?

The Card’s Location filters will work in conjunction with the Board’s Location filters.

For example, if your Board is filtering by the “Warehouse B” Location and you add an Improvement List Card filtered to show Improvements in the “Executive” Location, only those Improvements which are affiliated with both Warehouse B and Executive will be returned.

It is advised that, if you’re putting a Location filter on a Board, you not put a Location filter on any of the Cards.


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