Board Actions

The Board Slideshow

Display a Board or several Boards on a loop.

The Board slideshow is a way to display a Board (or several Boards on a repeating cycle) in a public area so that people can check in without having to log into the system themselves.

Who can start a Board slideshow?

Anyone who can access a Board can start a slideshow from it.

Start a slideshow

Open a Board that should be included in the slideshow, then:

  • Click Actions in the top right corner of the Board.

A Board with an arrow pointing to the Actions button

  • Click Slideshow in the resulting drop-down menu and the Slideshow window will open.
    • Boards: Every Board you have permission to see will be listed alongside a checkbox. Check the box next to each Board that should be included in the slideshow.
      • To quickly uncheck every selected Board, click Uncheck All at the bottom of the window
    • Time per Board (seconds): Enter the number of seconds each Board should be displayed during the slideshow. If multiple Boards are included in the slideshow, the next Board will appear when this time limit is reached. When all Boards have been shown, the slideshow will begin again.
    • The Auto Scroll checkbox: If enabled, any Board that does not fit vertically on the screen will automatically scroll down during the slideshow. This will start 10 seconds after the slideshow begins.
    • The Fullscreen checkbox: If enabled, the slideshow will start in fullscreen mode.
    • Click Start to begin the slideshow.

During the slideshow

When the slideshow is running:

  • Click the pause icon in the top right corner to pause the slideshow.
    • Click the play icon when you're ready for it to begin again.
  • To end the slideshow:
    • Click Actions in the top right corner of the screen.
    • Click Exit Slideshow in the resulting drop-down menu.