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The Calendar module

Once you’ve really gotten the ball rolling on your improvement work, it can be hard to keep track of when work is coming up and when you need to take certain actions. With the KaiNexus Calendar, you can easily keep track of everything you need to work on!


This is a free module that can be enabled for your organization upon request. Reach out to Customer Experience Lead to take advantage of this feature.

The calendar can be accessed by clicking “Calendar” on the left navigation bar.

Along the left side of the calendar is a filter sidebar that you can use to control which items are shown on your Calendar.

NOTE: The Calendar filters sidebar is closed by default. Click it on the left side of the screen next to the vertical navigation bar to open it.


There are filters for:

  • Items - Do you want to see Improvements, Projects, Tasks, and/or Incidents (if you have the Incident Add-On enabled)?

  • Type(s) - What types of Improvements, Projects, and/or Incidents (if you have the Incident Add-On enabled) do you want to see?

  • User(s) - Which users’ items do you want to see? By default, only your own items will be displayed.

  • Role(s) - How do you want the chosen users to be affiliated with the items displayed? By default, only items for which the chosen user(s) is the Responsible/Assignee, Assigner, Leader, Facilitator, or Participant will be displayed.

    You can choose between:

    • Responsible/assignee - The person responsible for an Improvement or Incident, or to whom a Task is assigned.

    • Assigner - The person who assigned an Improvement, Incident, or Task.

    • Leader - A person leading a Project.

    • Facilitator - A person facilitating a Project.

    • Participant - A person taking part in a Project.

    • Author/Reporter - A person who came up with the idea of an Improvement, Incident, or Task.

    • Collaborator - A person who is helping to complete an Improvement or Incident, but who is not the Responsible Person.

    • Sponsor - A person sponsoring a Project.

    • Follower - A person who is kept in the loop about the Project, Improvement, or Incident but who has no responsibility for it.

  • Location(s) - With which Location(s) do you want the displayed items to be affiliated?

  • “Start and End Dates Only” - If checked, only the start and end dates of events will show up on the Calendar. Uncheck if you would like the events to span the days from start to end.

  • “End Dates Only” - If checked, only the end dates of events will show up on the Calendar.

    NOTE: You cannot check both “Start and End Dates Only” and “End Dates Only.”



You can also choose which time frame you want the Calendar to display. Clicking “Day,” "Week," or "Month" in the top right corner of the Calendar will adjust the display accordingly. You can also click 2018-04-12_1335.png in the top left corner to quickly focus in on today's date.


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