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Add a Free Style Card

Many organizations have announcements or images on their huddle or improvement boards, so we've given you the option of doing exactly that on your KaiNexus Boards.

Some examples of when you might want to use a Free Style Card include:

  • Call attention to people doing great work and point out some of the awesome Improvements in the system. You can even add links to the Card to take people straight to that Improvement for a closer look.

  • If you’re hosting any challenges or contests to do with your organization’s Lean efforts, you can post an announcement to a popular Board.

  • Post a schedule of any upcoming classes or seminars so that people can check on it whenever they want.

  • Put an image of your company’s True North or Strategic Pillars.


How do I add a Free Style Card?

NOTE: Only a Board's Owners and people with the "Global Board Administrator" can add a Card to a Board.

Open the Board with which you want to work, then:

  • Click 2018-01-30_1620.png in the top right corner of the Board.

  • In the resulting drop-down menu, click 2018-01-30_1620_001.png.



In the resulting window:

  • Enter the name of the Card in the "Card Name" field.

  • Enter the body of the Card in the "Free Style" field.

  • If you want to attach a file to this Card, click 2018-01-26_1632.png in the “Files” section near the bottom of the screen and select the file on your computer or drag and drop the file from your computer and onto this window.

    When you add a file, it will be added to the body of the Card.

    • If you added an image file, the image itself will be visible in the body of the Card. 

    • If you added a non-image file, the name of the file will be added to the body in the form of a clickable link. Anyone who can access the Board this Card is on will be able to click that link and download the file.

  • Click 2018-08-06_1249.png.

  • In the resulting window, confirm that your Card looks correct.

    • If you want to make more changes, click "Back to Edit" in the bottom right corner.

    • If you're ready to create the Card, click 2018-08-06_1251.png.


Embed an iframe code in a Free Style Card

Free Style Cards give you the ability to embed content from other websites directly onto a KaiNexus Board. You can embed a webpage, an office 365 spreadsheet, or even a video or image.

As long as the web page you are trying to embed supports iframes, you can embed that page into any of your Free Style Cards.

When creating or editing a Free Style Card:

  • Click 2018-07-16_1531.png in the Card’s toolbar to edit the Card’s source code.


    • Enter the following code:

      <iframe src="1" height="2px" width="3px"></iframe>


      • 1 - With the full url of the website you want to embed.

      • 2 - With the desired height in pixels.

      • 3 - With the desired width in pixels.

  • Click 2018-07-16_1537.png in the Card’s toolbar to return to the standard editor.

  • Click 2018-04-18_1315.png.


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