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Our customers have surpassed $110 million in financial impact

Our customers are amazing! Check this out:

When each Improvement in KaiNexus is resolved, the individual or team who completed the work logs the impact of the Opportunity as part of the standard resolution process. The structure of this resolution process enables our customers to aggregate the impact of their innovation and improvement efforts across the organization.

As of today, the cumulative financial impact of our customers' continuous improvement efforts has surpassed $116,418,940!

Here's the breakdown of their cumulative impact in all measured fields - note that the Cost Savings and Revenue Generation data is incomplete this month:

  • Annually Recurring Cost Savings: $35,891,216

  • One Time Cost Savings: $14,880,650

  • Annually Recurring Revenue Generation: $30,914,077

  • One Time Revenue Generation: $9,112,514

  • Total Hours Saved per year: 849,104 worth $25,620,483

  • Quality Improvements: 9,973

  • Safety Improvements: 2,272

  • Satisfaction Improvements: 8,733


Congratulations, everyone! We're thrilled to be a part of your innovation and improvement efforts.


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