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Impact by Location Report

This Report allows you to track impact on a per Location basis.



Working with the Report

  • Only information about items that originated in each Location is included by default, but selecting or deselecting "Originating," "Responsible," and "Impact" will add or remove the relevant data from the Report.

    Check the box next to "Include Inactive Locations" if you want Locations that have been deleted to be listed on this Report.

  • Items filtered into this report are determined based on their Completed Date. 

  • The date range options are listed along the top of the page. Choose between 1 week, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, 12 months, all time, or a custom range by clicking on the corresponding option.

  • Beneath the date ranges are three additional options:

    • Click "All" to include all Improvements that meet the rest of the filter requirements.

    • Click "Project-Based" to include only Improvements that meet the rest of the requirements and are nested under a Project.

    • Click "Stand-Alone" to include only Improvements that meet the rest of the requirements and are not nested under a Project.

  • Pick a Level Type (or Types) in the "Level Type" field to list only Locations of a certain type on the Report.

  • The Network diagram can be found along the left side of the page. Use this to filter the Report by Location - only items tied to the selected Locations will be included in the Report.

  • Click 2018-10-03_1253.png near the top of the Report to open the advanced filters.

  • Check the box next to “Aggregate Location & Below” to show all data rolled up to the top level Location.

You can also:

  • Click any of the data points on this Report to open the list of Improvements it is counting. If you don't have the adequate permissions to view them, some items will be excluded from the list.

  • Export the Report to an Excel spreadsheet by clicking 2018-04-25_1238.png near the bottom left corner of the page. 


Things to look for:

  • Locations within your organization that are driving your key metrics. The employees and leaders there deserve recognition and reward!

  • Locations that are struggling to achieve an impact. People in these Locations might need some help to get the ball rolling.

    Pro Tip: Pair high-performing and low-performing leaders for coaching opportunities.


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