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Report - Statuses


This chart tracks how many Improvements were submitted in the selected month and shows the current status of each Improvement. It shows the growth of a continuous improvement culture over time.

Things to look out for:

  • The more Active (Green), Planned (Light Green), and Complete (Black) Improvements, the better.

  • Overdue (Red): Should be kept to a minimum. You don't want there to be a lot of overdue Improvements from several months ago, as this is indicative of a bottleneck.

  • New (Blue): Should appear only in the most recent month. Otherwise, a bottleneck is indicated.


Bottleneck Alert:
Lots of New Improvements indicates that leadership is failing to respond quickly and assign New Improvements. Lots of Overdue Improvements indicate that people are not implementing Improvements in a timely manner. A decline in the number of Improvements indicates a drop in engagement.


  • Make sure leaders are promptly assigning new Improvements.

  • Make sure people are completing the Improvements they’ve been assigned.


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