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Report - User Impact

This Report allows you to monitor the impact each person has had.

You can choose for which roles - Author, Responsible, Assigner, and Collaborator - to include data with the toggle buttons at the top of the Report.

Things to look for:

  • High performing people. Give frequent recognition to your most successful improvers. Some fun ideas for awards are:

    1. Quickest to implement

    2. Most likely to spread

    3. Highest number of completed Improvements that resulted in a change

    4. Improvement with the smallest impact

    5. Improvement with the largest impact

  • People who are disengaged. Identify the root cause of their disengagement and come up with a solution.

  • People submitting lots of Improvements that do not result in a change. These people likely need coaching to understand the goal of your continuous improvement program.


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