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Report - Location Cycle Time


This Report allows you to monitor the Improvement cycle time - how long Improvements are spending in each status - on a per Location basis.

You can filter by whether the Location came up with the idea and where it was actually implemented.

Pro Tip: You can also filter by Level Type. That way, you can understand all work going on around a functional area.

Things to look for:

  • Locations within your organization that are taking significantly longer to implement Improvements than other Locations. People in these Locations may need additional coaching about the importance of timely improvements and Lean in general.

Bottleneck Alert:

When Improvements are spending a long time in the New status, leadership may be failing to respond quickly and assign New Improvements. Improvements spending a long time in the Resolution Submitted status indicates that leaders are not promptly reviewing submitted Resolutions. Lastly, Improvements spending a long time in the Overdue status indicates that people are not implementing Improvements in a timely manner.


  • Coach leaders to promptly assign new Improvements so that work can commence.

  • Coach leaders to quickly respond to submitted Resolutions.

  • Make sure people are completing the Improvements they’ve been assigned.


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