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Subscribe to a custom list

If you want to keep informed about all Projects, Improvements, or Tasks that meet certain criteria, you might want to subscribe to a custom list filtered for that criteria. If you subscribe to a list, you’ll receive emails containing links to each item that meets that list’s criteria.

How will I receive my subscription emails?

You’ll receive a subscription email every day on which you’re scheduled to receive the digest email. This subscription email will contain information about every list to which you’re subscribed. This keeps you from getting overwhelmed with subscription emails if you subscribe to multiple lists.


How do I subscribe to a list?

  • On the Improvements, Projects, or Tasks screens, create a new custom list.

  • Click the quick filter then hover over “My Lists” to see all your lists.

  • Hover over the list to which you want to be subscribed and click .

If you’ve already been subscribed to a list, the subscription button will be yellow.


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