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Products and Resources

NOTE: This feature is available only with the Enhanced ROI Add-On.

You can add two additional Impact Types with this Add-On - Products and Resources. An impact concerning Products will be reported as Revenue Generation, while an impact concerning Resources will be reported as Cost Savings. Reach out to your Customer Experience lead to activate the Product and Resources Impact Types.


Customizing Products and Resources

Once these Types are activated, Quality Administrators can customize them just like they can their organization’s list of Time Savings People.

The following instructions are written for working with Products, but the same steps apply for working with Resources.


Creating a Product

Go to Products admin page - this page is listed under the “Organization” heading in the admin section.

If you want to create a new Product and have it automatically placed in a Folder:

  • Click on the Folder’s name so that it is highlighted blue.

  • Click in the top right corner.

Otherwise, just click .

In the resulting window:


  • Enter the name of the Product.

  • (**Optional**) Add a description. This description will appear when you hover over this Product when resolving an Improvement.

  • (**Optional**) We recommend that you enter the hourly rate for this Product.

  • If your organization has multiple currencies, you’ll be asked to enter the currency that should be used as the default for this Product.

  • If you want this Product to be the default type, check the box next to “Default.” If you do so, when someone records that their Improvement had a Product impact, this type of Product will be filled in by default, although the user can change it to another type of Product if necessary.

  • You can configure how many hours per day, days per week, and weeks per year this Product should be counted.

  • Click to create this Product.

Editing a Product

  • Hover over the Product you want to edit so that it is highlighted blue.

  • Click to the right.

In the resulting window, edit the Product’s information as described above.

Deleting a Product

  • Hover over the Product you want to edit so that it is highlighted blue.

  • Click to the right.

  • Click in the resulting window. The deleted Product will be removed from all Improvement Resolutions.


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