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Control which Roles apply to each of a user's Locations

To get to this page, just navigate to the Admin page by clicking   on the left sidebar menu, look under the Users heading, and click "Users." This admin page is only accessible by administrators; only User Administrators can perform the functions detailed on this support page. 



It's pretty common for people to be listed in multiple Network Locations - they might be the Director of their department as well as a member of a cross-functional workgroup. But it doesn't always make sense for a person to have the same Roles and permissions within each of those Locations. For example, you might want them to be able to create new users in their department but not in their workgroup. 


If that's the case, you might want to limit some of their Roles to certain Locations with our advanced Role configuration.

How do I control which Roles apply to each of a user's Locations?

NOTE: If a user has only one Location, all of their Roles will apply to that Location. If a user has multiple locations, each Role can be adjusted to apply to only some of the Locations.


On the User Admin page:

  • Hover over the user you want to edit so that that row is highlighted in blue and click  on the right. 

    If you are a Global User Administrator, you can edit any user. If you are a Local User Administrator, you can only edit users in your Location(s) and below.

    For more information on editing users in general, check out this support page.

  • If necessary, add Roles to the user by clicking  in the "Roles" section.

  • Click  in the "Roles" section. You will only see this cogwheel if the user has multiple Network Locations.

  • In the resulting window, each Role assigned to the user is listed along with each of their Network Locations. Checking the box under a Role will apply that Role to the corresponding Location.

    • Click  in any column to check every box in that column.

    • Click  in any column to uncheck every box in that column.

    • Click  to save your changes.

  • Each Role will be listed in the "Roles" section along with the Locations to which it applies. If a Role applies to each of the user's Locations, then it will be listed without any Locations alongside it.


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