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Display attached images on a Project

When you attach an image file to a Project, it will automatically be displayed in its Images section. NOTE: The image section and tab will not appear until there is an image to be displayed there.

Once an image file has been uploaded to the Idea, an “Images” tab will appear next to the “All” tab, and an “Images” section will appear under the “Details” section. You can still manage the attachment from the “Files” section, listed under the key dates section, or:

  1. Open the attachment’s window by clicking the file name in the “Images” section.

In the resulting window, you can:

  1. Edit the name of the file.

  2. Add a description of the file. This will be displayed whenever you hover over the file's name in the Files section. If the attachment is an image displayed in the Image area, the description will be displayed under the image.

  3. Check or uncheck “Shown in image area.” If this box is unchecked, only the image’s name will be listed in the “Files” section. If this box is checked, the image itself will be displayed in the “Images” section and the file name will be listed in the “Files” section.

  4. Choose where in the "Images" section this image will be displayed.

    Pick "Default" to display the image in the next available position.

    Pick "Force left" to display the image in the left column.

    Pick "Force right" to display the image in the right column.

  5. Download the attachment by clicking .

  6. Delete the attachment by clicking .

  7. Save your changes by clicking .


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