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Why did I get this email?

Learn why you received an email from KaiNexus and where you can change your notification preferences

There are five types of emails you may receive from KaiNexus:

Continue reading to learn why you are receiving each type of email and how you can change your email preferences.

Ofie Profile PicPro Tip: If you do not want to receive any email notifications from KaiNexus, you must ask an administrator within your organization to turn off your email notifications. You will still receive account support and password reset emails if your Email is turned off. 


The Digest is an email that contains updates about your Items, notifications you've opted to receive, and notifications other users have shared with you. It serves as a summary of recent activity in the app that is specific to you. 

Why did I receive a Digest? 

Your organization can choose the default days users receive a Digest. It is usually once a week, but it could be more often depending on organizational preference. 

Regardless of the default setting, you can change your personal preference for how often you receive a Digest. You can view and edit your notification preferences in your User Profile. 

Example of a user that has elected to only receive a Digest on Monday

Ofie Profile PicPro Tip: A Digest won't be sent if you have no unread in-app notifications or have not signed in to KaiNexus in the past 90 days. 

How do I stop receiving Digest emails? 

Stop receiving Digest emails by changing your notification preferences in your User Profile. Check out this article for more detail on accessing and customizing your notification preferences. 

Example of a user who will receive no Digest emails 


Subscriptions are emails with links to the Boards or Custom Lists you are subscribed to. They serve as reminders to check these areas of the app for updates. If you have subscriptions, you will usually receive a subscription email at least once a week containing pertinent information and links to your Lists and Boards. 

Why did I receive a subscription email? 

You must subscribe to at least one Custom List or Board to receive a Subscription email. This includes: 

Like the Digest, how often you receive subscription emails depends on you and your organization. 

Regardless of the default organization setting, you can change your personal preference for how often you receive your subscription. You can view and edit your notification preferences in your User Profile. 

How do I stop receiving subscription emails?  

There are two ways you can stop receiving subscription emails. 

First, you can unsubscribe from all the Boards and Custom Lists you are currently subscribed to. Each Board or List you are subscribed to will appear in your subscription email.

Ofie Profile PicNeed help? Check out this article for how to unsubscribe from a Board and this article for how to unsubscribe from a Custom List. 

Second, you can edit your notification preferences in your User Profile so that you no longer receive subscription emails. 


Example of the Notification Preferences for a user who will receive no subscription emails, regardless of whether they are subscribed to Custom Lists or Boards. 

Team Role-based notifications about your Items

KaiNexus automatically sends you emails and notifications pertaining to Items in which you are a member of the Team. These are time-sensitive emails containing important updates about your Items. 

Note: Team Roles vary between the four Team Types in KaiNexus. Each type of  Team has different rules for which notifications are sent to each Team member. Check out the articles below for a detailed breakdown of the notifications that are sent for each Team Type:

Why did I receive a Team Role-based notification?

By default, you will receive a  Team Role-based notification when: 

  • You are requested to be or assigned the Author, Assigner, Responsible, Facilitator, or Leader Team Role on any Item. 
  • Someone deletes an Item, and you are on the Item's team. 
  • Someone deleted an Item nested beneath a Parent Item, and you are the Facilitator or Leader on the Parent's team. 
  • The Resolution has been submitted for your approval.
  • The Resolution has been denied. 

Can I stop receiving Team Role-based email notifications? 

Individual users cannot turn-off Team Role-based email notifications. However, administrators within your organization can decide to disable the Team Role based email notifications for all Items made from certain Templates. 

Opt-in Item Notifications

Opt-in notifications are notifications that you have chosen to receive in addition to the usual notifications you get for being on an Item's Team. You can opt-in to extra notifications yourself, an admin can add an opt-in notifications for you, or your organization can set opt-in notifications for everyone with your System Role. 

You can use opt-in notifications to receive specific updates about an Item you're interested in, such as knowing when an Item goes Overdue. These notifications can be in-app only or sent through email as well. 

Ofie Profile PicPro Tip: You will only receive notifications for Items you have permission to see.

Why did I receive an opt-in email notification? 

You received an opt-in Item notification email because you or an administrator has added an additional notification preference to your User Profile. 

If an event happens in KaiNexus that matches one of your notification preferences and you have elected to receive emails for that notification, you will receive an immediate email. The notification will also be included in your Digest and in-app Notification Window.

View all notifications you are opted-into in the notification preferences of your User Profile. 

Example of an opt-in notification that will be sent  through email and the app

How do I stop receiving opt-in email notifications? 

Stop receiving opt-in email notifications by deleting all of your opt-in email notifications in the notification preferences of your User Profile. 

User-Elected Item Notifications

Other users can elect to send you an email notification using the Email Now function. Email Now can be used when someone is:

  • Posting a Comment, Update, or Note
  • Completing an Item
  • Sharing an Item

When a user selects Email Now while performing one of these actions and chooses your name as a recipient, you will receive an immediate email notification. 

Can I stop receiving user-elected emails? 

You cannot turn off email notifications when another user contacts you through the Email Now function. This is because a colleague has deemed the information important enough to be sent through an immediate email. 

To receive no emails notifications from KaiNexus, an administrator from within your organization would need to turn off your email. 

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