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Why did I get this email?

There are five main types of emails you may receive from KaiNexus:

  • Your Digest
  • Your Subscriptions
  • Time-sensitive notifications about Items with which you're associated
  • Notifications based on your configured notification preferences
  • Notifications a colleague in KaiNexus has chosen to send you


The Digest is an email that contains all of the new notifications about Items with which you're involved or for which you've opted-in.

Typically, you should receive at least one Digest a week. However, a Digest won't be sent if you have no unread in-app notifications at the time your Digest is scheduled to be sent.


If you have subscribed to a custom List or subscribed to a Board — or someone else has subscribed you to a Board — you will get a subscription email at least once a week containing pertinent information and links to that List or Board.


Generally, when Items with which you're associated are updated, the resulting notifications will be included in your Digest. If the notification is more time-sensitive, however, you will be notified via a separate, immediate email.


When an event happens in KaiNexus that matches one of your notification preferences, that notification will be included in your Digest and may, depending on the notification preference's configuration, be sent in a separate, immediate email.

You will only receive notifications for Items you have permission to see.

User Elected

When certain actions are performed in KaiNexus, the person doing them may be able to send an email — separate from the Digest — to certain people. Therefore, you might receive an email if, for example, they:

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