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Why did I get this email?

There are five main reasons you might have gotten an email from KaiNexus:

  • Digest
    Every Full Access user gets a digest email at least once a week, as long as changes have been made to an item with which they're involved. This email will contain all the important updates made to your items since your last digest was sent.

  • Subscriptions
    If you have subscribed to a custom list or to a Board - or someone else has subscribed you to a Board - you will get a subscription email at least once a week containing information about and links to that list or Board.

  • Association-Based
    You have an association with Improvement or a Project and an action occurred on that item. The vast majority of the time you will be notified of this via the digest. For some items that are more time-sensitive, you will be notified via an email.  

  • Opt-In
    Either your own notification settings or those of one of your Roles contain opt-in preferences. When an event happens in the system that matches one of your preferences, you'll receive an email (or just an alert, depending on your settings).

  • User Elected
    One of your colleagues has elected to notify you of something in KaiNexus such as if:

 To learn about customizing your digest and opt-in notification preferences, check out this support page.


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