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Review an Improvement's Resolution

When you resolve an Improvement, you have the option of scheduling the Resolution for review at a future date.

This is useful for when you want to check in on an Improvement after it has been in place for a while and make sure that everything is still working as well as expected. If not, you might consider reopening the Improvement to see what changes can be made to get things back on track.


Who gets notified when it's time to review the Improvement?

When the review date rolls around, the Improvement's Assigner will receive an alert telling them that it's time to review the Improvement.

This alert will be displayed on the Improvement itself, as well as on the Assigner's Notifications Screen.


How do I review the Improvement?

  • Click  in the action bar.

  • Click  in the resulting drop-down menu.

  • Review the Resolution and make any necessary changes.

  • Update the "Review On" date, or click "No" if you don't need to review the Improvement again.

  • Click .

  • To remove the alert itself from the Improvement, click  on its right side.


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